Types of Rugs & Rug Materials

There are different types of floor coverings on the rugs Melbourne market today, and the quality of each rug is determined by that of the material used. There are different companies selling different types of rugs in this area of course, and these come in different sizes and qualities. In this article, we will look at the best rugs and materials. When you are buying a rug, quality is an important factor to consider.

Rug materials


Wool is actually the most common material for rugs. People love it because it is soft, durable and affordable. It repels water and has strong insulating properties. Wool rugs are great for living rooms, dining rooms and high traffic areas.


This rug material is luxurious and lustrous. They are soft in nature and feature a subtle sheen. Rugs made of this material require professional cleaning. It is suitable for bedrooms and low-traffic areas.


Cotton is a great material and one of the most commonly used material for rugs. It is used to make flat-weave rugs such as kilims and dhurries. This material is affordable soft and very easy to clean. It is a perfect choice for kitchen, children’s room, and casual spaces.

Animal skin

Animal skin can be used to make beautiful rugs. They are either available as complete hides, woven strips or stitched panels. They are good for bedrooms, dens, offices, and low traffic areas.

Synthetic materials

Rugs can also be made using man-made fibers such as viscose, polypropylene and nylon. Fibers or synthetic materials have been used to mimic characteristics of natural materials. This material is easy to clean and can be used for either indoors or outdoors. The material is family friendly. It is a good choice for hallways high traffic areas, high-traffic areas, outdoors and sunny areas.

Best types of rugs

Wool rugs

Wool rugs are soft, warm and durable. If you want to purchase the best rug, a wool rug is among the best you can buy. It is best quality, soft, durable and affordable. You can use it on the living room, dining room and also high traffic areas. There are hand-knotted, hand-tufted, and hand-loomed and machine loomed wool rugs.

Cotton rugs

We have seen that cotton is one of the best materials used for making rugs. Most people love cotton because it is durable, easy to clean and maintain. This rug comes with a decent price tag and comes in different colors and patterns. It serves the purpose and gives you the best comfort.

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Synthetic rugs

These rugs are made of synthetic materials. These materials resemble the natural materials. They are durable, beautiful, easy to clean and maintain. You can use them in high traffic areas and many other places. You can also use them for indoors and outdoors.

Silk rugs

For those looking for extra soft and luxurious/expensive rugs, you can buy a silk rug. This requires professional cleaning. It is a favorite rug for less traffic areas such as bedroom. This rag is super soft, comfortable, and durable. This rug provides a soft and sumptuous feel!

A Rug increases your comfort at home, offices and any other place where comfort and relaxation is required. There are different types of rugs out there. It is always good to buy the one that is most suitable depending on the place you want to use it. Quality is the important factor you should consider when purchasing a rug.